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25 April 2007 @ 01:01 pm
Davis legacy 2.3  

Angela met a handsome male friend named Adam.

He's Ethiopian and pretty cute. I think he'll add some interesting genes to the legacy pool. A heir will be chosen!

Aria and Diva's birthday, Aria wants to grow up to become more like her mother.

Pretty cute.

Diva grew up well, too.

Angela teasing Raymond. What the heck does a boat have to do with anything to make him pout??

Eva's birthday, the competition to become heir is getting feirce!!

I'm so hot, of course I'll become heir!

Raymond looks around and realizes if he doesn't show of his ability to become heir and produce beautiful offspring, he could decay in the family bin.

Diva: That looks NOTHING like me!

Angela went off and got her first kiss and make out without me! Way to go, girl! You are heir!!

Angela got a make-over similar to her aunt Brittney's hair. (Diva's wearing black.)
Angela: Isn't it funny how you've been in the legacy since the beginning and I've already made out before you?

Since Angela's hormones are out of control and she keeps getting the want to whoohoo with Adam, I decided to let her get married ASAP.
Eva post make over congratulated Adam while their father congratulates Angela for being a great student a long ass time ago.

The wedding belle.

How does it feel to be heir?

I'd say, damn good.

Aw... no cake in the face?

So you're inexperienced? Me too!!

Uh-oh, this doesn't look so good.

It's all good! Generation 3 is in the oven!

Will Angela's siblings allow themselves to be sentanced to the family bin? Will they revolt and take over this legacy? Am I just making that all up or will something really happen??? Find out next time!!