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13 April 2007 @ 07:50 pm
Davis legacy 2.1  

When we last left off, Diva was giving birth to her first child, a baby girl named Angela.

The next day, La'Darius brought home Diva's ex-stalker Alexander the town whore.

Diva pissed Alexander off by flirting with her husband in his face.

And making out ;)


Diva's younger brother, Micheal turned into an adult and got the boot to the family bin.

Angela grew up into the most precious kid! I love the sound she makes when she plays with the toy box!! It's like "ue ue ue!"

*headporcelin* Yep, pregnant again. I guess fertility or the love of being knocked up runs in the family.
Diva: I'm at the top of the business career, how else can I get a break??

Kaira drops her homework, stunned at the sight of her mom prancing around in her grannie panties.
Belinda: You ain't a ho if you married!

The funniest birth pic ever.

And everyone blocks my shot of the new baby, Eva. (So what? All babies look the same anyways.)

Kaira and Angela (who grew up I get sick of birthday pics). While the girls played innocently that morning...

Death lurked. My first sim-death: Robert. He lived to the very end of his life meter. He was over 80 years old. :(

Belinda was an emotional wreck.

Diva never had the chance to tell him she was pregnant again.

Brittney came by to pay her respects to her father.

Later on it was Eva's birthday (so yea, a birthday pic).

What's wrong, sweet pea?

Daddy's here. (1-2-3) Awwww!! *_*

Here we go again...

La'Darius: It's a boy!
I call him Raymond, using a "R" based name after Robert.

I'm in love with the cuteness!!

Birthday time for Eva!

At first I thought she was crying because I gave her a makeover using maxis hair - then I realized she had an accident during the birthday and Angela was splashing in it. XP

Aww!! Angie came and cheered her up! :)

Angela and Raymond grew up later on. Angela's hair reminds me of NANA! :D

Raymond is a sweet baby and Belinda LOVES being a grandma. She's stoped crying over Robert since Raymond grew up.

Eva and her grandma watching cartoons together. :) Belinda is best friends with all the children. :)

Uh-oh. Remember last time? Call the fire station!

Voila!! Baked Alaska!

Don't even act suprised. You wouldn't know a Sim condom if it smacked u.

Angela painted a portrait of her grandma. She's already maxed the creativity skill as a kid.

Raymond grew up to be a really precious kid. (I wish I had an expansion to post bubble pics.)

Belinda was cooking for a pool party when Death called. :(

She was a good Sim. :'(

Eva: Do you think our house could be haunted?
You never know...
becky1999 on April 14th, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)

sad,so sad but at baked alaska hahahahah.good job.
ニナ ♥ コスキ: Dog licks!!11 *__*kizzmon on April 15th, 2007 08:40 pm (UTC)
Aww, so sad with the deaths! ;_; ...but Angela is so cuuuuute.

+ You wouldn't know a Sim condom if it smacked u.

= OMFG. roflroflrofl.