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20 May 2007 @ 02:23 pm
Garcia Legacy ch. 1.2  

While I was swimming in the pool I recieved a phone call from the girl I met last week. It was Celine Terry. I invited her over to hang out.

She told me all about her children and her job as a nurse. When she asked my aspiration I didn't know what to say. "Um... popularity." I lied. I didn't know why I always lied about my aspiration. I always had.

Celine had everything I wanted, a loving husband and a large family. Since she was such a sweet girl, I couldn't help but be happy for her, but I wished for those same things too...

I invited her to the only hangout spot in town. The newly opened Berry Bar. Although it was a bar, little kids came in from time to time, so it was also like a neighborhood resturant. While I was ordering the food, I turned around to find Celine crying. A guy named Komei had been teasing her.

"Just who do you think you are?!" I shouted marching over to him. I had him escorted out of the bar after a long chewing out.

"Thanks," said Celine. "I've never had a friend take up for me like that."

Later that day, I was in much better mood. I had never met anyone as geniune as Celine. Even Alex didn't seem as annoying as usual.

Maybe, just maybe, we could live together without any problems. We were family after all.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angelina had been acting really different lately. She was smiling instead of scowling and we had even had a decent conversation over breakfast. Before I left for work I recived a phone call from Dina Caliente. "Where you ever going to call me?" She hissed. Not really, I thought to myself, but then again, I didn't want to ruin any of my chances with her in the future. "I've been so busy with work," I lied. "How about dinner tonight?"

After work, there was no dinner date like she may have expected. I barely attempted to cook a decent dinner and she didn't complain. She was so easy, I was beginning to become bored. For a gold digger, she was awful. I hadn't brought her a single thing and she still pursued me like she was getting something out of it.

She made a huge mistake by prancing down to the kitchen in her underwear right in front of Angelina. I couldn't believe what a ditz she was and I knew Angelina was going to strike.

Especially after she left her dirty plate in her room. Angelina was furious, I expected to see hair and nails flying by the time I came downstairs.

Instead I found Dina in the corner crying.

I kissed her and told her everything was okay. I removed the dish from Angelina's room and told Dina to wait for me upstairs. Nothing better to cure a crying girl with low self-esteem than sex. I just had to meet someone new, and soon.

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