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19 May 2007 @ 08:20 pm
Davis Legacy 3.1  

We begin this chapter with a birthday, Raymond grew up into an adult.

And turned out hot! Can we say L'darius 2?
Raymond: This legacy could be mine!


Angela's pregnant and popping.

She looks good in maternity wear.

Raymond met a hot girl, and invited her over. Guess who she is??

He moves really quickly...


Meet Jordan.

Diva meets her brother on the street. I love random family reunions where one siblings is barely an adult and their neice is older than they are.

Adam cuddling Jordan, nuubuu!

Birthday time!

Whoa... Jordan has some interesting features...

Aria's birthday. I never really liked how she looked.

After her make over, she didnt look too bad, but that was enough to keep her in this legacy...

Haven't seen Eva in a while, here's her make over.

Jordan's birthday party. Gramps La'Darius is crunk in the background.

Quite an improvement from his toddler looks.

Want to get yourself picked up by the social worker?

And Angela is pregnant again.

With this expanding family, they need more space to grow. See you Eva and Aria.

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