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10 May 2007 @ 05:50 pm
Garcia legacy 1.1  
Hey everyone! I think it is about time for me to introduce one of my other legacy families, the Garcia's!! Their legacy is in story style and eventually ties into one of my other families. Enjoy!

I wasn't looking forward to much of anything when I first arrived in Pleasantview from Madrid, Spain. My father had purchased a Spanish style mansion for my brother and I, just to get us out of the house while he married some super model a little older than me.

My name is Angelina Garcia. I'm Spanish and African. My father is a Spanish multi-millionaire, but I've never been sure exactly what it is he does. My parents divorced when I was 12 so I've lived my life split between Spain and France where my mother currently lives with her boyfriend, Jean Pierre.

My mother was a model when she was my age, she's a goddess and she expected me to follow in her footsteps across the runway. I wasn't hearing any of it. I didn't want any part of the filthy fashion industry or any of its corruption. Perhaps that's why I agreed to come to Pleasantview, a small town you wont find on any map. To get away from everything and pursue my real dream...

My brother Alexander Garcia. I can't stand him. Let me take that back, I hate his guts.

Why my father decided to make us share a home together when we can't stand to be in the same room is beyond me. Perhaps he didn't want me out here on my own. Perhaps he wanted me to babysit Alex. Either way, I'll just ignore him as much as possible or else I may kill him.

The first day we moved into our new home I immediately planted a garden of flowers around the front of the house. Some of my hobbies are gardening and swimming.

I think the pool of the house really sold it for me. I can sit for hours in the sun or dive in to collect my thoughts.

Later that day, we were greeted by some of the neighbors. Alex as usual was up to his man whore ways. I met a really cool girl called Celine. "Oh, who is this?" Asked Celine gesturing to Alex. "That's my brother. Tell all of your friends to stay far away from him. He's a pig," I replied. Celine cracked up and told me that she was married with three kids. Perhaps Pleasantview wouldn't be so bad after all...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I couldn't believe I was stuck in this little shit hole. Pleasantview was nothing compared to Madrid or any where else I had been in my life.

To make matters worse I'd been stuck here with my lame sister. When she wasn't burning down the kitchen she was complaining about something. She's so spoiled and bratty, that's probably the reason why she doesn't have a husband, hell, a boyfriend now.

I try to make the best out of a lame situation, so I'm getting a career in business so that I can prove to my father that I can make it on my own without any of his help.

Some of my passions include working out, beer and women. In any order.

But mostly women. And lots of them. I love blondes. They're so damn easy and everything said about them is true. I know from experience.

The first day we moved here and already the ladies are moist for me. In Madrid you would have to have at least brought a chick a drink. Not here.

The next day she called me early in the morning. I skipped work just to see how easy this chick was.

Turns out it was worth it, by the second date I had her where I wanted her and I didn't even have to take her on a date, brag about my family's money or anything.

It was too easy.

AND she left on her own at 4 a.m. Just the type of hoe I like, the kind that knows when to get the hell out. Maybe Pleasantview won't be so bad after all..

Reneemartyr669 on May 11th, 2007 09:20 am (UTC)
hehe nice introduction :)